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Original British 80 inch x 81 inch 6-Sheet Poster for the 1963 Val Guest Drama 80,000 SUSPECTS, based on the novel by Trevor Dudley Smith (a.k.a. Elleston Trevor) and starring Claire Bloom, Richard Johnson, Yolande Donlan, Cyril Cusack, Michael Goodliffe, Mervyn Johns, Ursula Howells, Kay Walsh, Norman Bird, Basil Dignam, Ray Barrett, Andrew Crawford and Vanda Godsell.

A doctor’s already-shaky marriage is tested to an even greater extent when he has to contend with a smallpox epidemic.

Poster art by Renato Fratini (1932 – 1973). An Italian commercial artist who specialised in cinema posters. In Italy he worked in Augusto Favalli’s studio, a major producer of Italian posters. He then moved to London at the behest of Eric Pulford, who ran the Downton agency, which had accounts with Rank and several other film companies. There Fratini enjoyed a successful career throughout the 1960s.

The poster is in very good folded condition in 6 separate sheets.

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Original British 80 inch x 81 inch 6-Sheet Poster