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Original 1870 10 5/8 inch x 8 1/4 inch Engraving titled A DEVOTEE CONSULTING THE STICKS OF FATE

”In great thoroughfares there is always an attendant bonze, a large supply of books of reference, and hideous figures, allegorical of the darkness that interrupts our view into futurity. Occasions of applying to the Sticks of Fate, are sometimes of moment; such as undertaking a journey, building a house, purchasing a new wife, or burying a deceased relation. The devotee, having paid the bonze in advance, takes up the vase, and continues to shake it with becoming timidity until a pair of sticks falls out. The priest then examines the inscriptions, and, comparing them to the pages, or paragraphs, or number, in the prophetic volume, declares whether the applicant is likely to succeed in his undertaking.” – Rev. G. N. Wright.

Engraved by Augustus Fox (1796 – 1849)

Drawn by Thomas Allom (1804 – 1872). Architect, topographical artist, engraver and lithographer. Apprenticed to the architect Francis Goodwin and a student of architecture at the R.A. schools from 1828. A co-founder of the R.I.B.A. who worked with Charles Barry on Highclere and the Houses of Parliament. Travelled widely recording topographical and architectural scenes. He exhibited sixty-five works between 1824 and 1871 at the Society of British Artists and the Royal Academy.

From the 1870 edition of “China, Its Scenery, Architecture, Social Habits, &c. Illustrated. / China, in a Series of Views, Displaying the Scenery, Architecture, and Social Habits, of that Ancient Empire. Drawn, from Original and Authentic Sketches, by Thomas Allom, Esq. With Historical and Descriptive Notices by the Rev. G. N. Wright, M. A.”

Published by The London Printing and Publishing Company – Limited

Image size 7 1/4 inch x 5 inch

The engraving is in very good condition. Reverse side blank.

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