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Original British 12 inch x 14 inch well illustrated 16 page Pressbook for the 1947 Charles Crichton Ealing Studios War Movie AGAINST THE WIND starring Simone Signoret, Robert Beatty, Jack Warner, Gordon Jackson, James Robertson Justice, Paul Dupuis, Eugene Deckers, John Slater, Peter Illing, Sybille Binder, Andrew Blackett, Arthur Lawrence, Gisèle Préville, Hélène Hansen, Gilbert Davis, Leo de Pokorny, Rory MacDermot, Kenneth Villiers, Kenneth Hyde, Olaf Olsen, Philo Hauser, Martin Bradley, Sheila Carty, Margot Lassner, Guy Deghy, Jean Pierre Hambye, George Kersen, Duncan Lewis and Robert Wyndham.

A disparate group of volunteers are trained as saboteurs and parachuted into Belgium to blow up an office containing important Nazi records and to rescue a prominent S.O.E. agent, who is being interrogated by the Germans for vital information.

The pressbook is in very good folded condition.

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