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Original Italian 12 3/4 inch x 27 1/2 inch Locandina Poster for the 1982 Shohei Imamura Drama THE BALLAD OF NARAYAMA (NARAYAMA BUSHIKO), based on the book “Narayama Bushiko” by Shichiro Fukazawa and starring Ken Ogata, Sumiko Sakamoto, Aki Takejo, Tonpei Hidari and Mitsuko Baisho.

According to tradition, once a person reaches the age of 70 he or she must travel to a remote mountain to die of starvation, a practice known as ‘ubasute’. The story concerns Orin, who is 69 and of sound health, but notes that a neighbor had to drag his father to the mountain, so she resolves to avoid clinging to life beyond her term. She spends a year arranging all the affairs of her family and village.

The poster is in very good condition with two horizontal folds.


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