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Original 1840s 10 inch x 6 5/8 inch Etching and Engraving titled BEPPO

Three women reading in terrace in Venice, listening to musician who is playing the lute, gondolas on canal on the left below.

Beppo: A Venetian Story is a lengthy poem by Lord Byron, written in Venice in 1817.

Engraved by Joseph Goodyear (1797 – 1839). Line engraver, born at Birmingham, worked in London; engraved small illustrations and vignettes for popular annuals.

After John Philip Davis (1784 – 1862). John Philip “Pope” Davis, a portrait and subject painter, first exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1811. In 1824 he went to Rome, and painted ‘The Talbot Family receiving the Papal Benediction:’ whence his cognomen of ‘Pope Davis.’ He next year received a prize of £50 from the British Institution. With his friend Haydon, he was a great opponent of the Academy, where he did not exhibit after 1843. He died in 1862, and after his death was published his ‘Thoughts on Great Painters.’ His best-known work is ‘The Love-Letter,’ exhibited at the British Institution in 1826.

Image size 4 inch x 3 inch

Virtue & Co. Ltd.

The engraving is in very good condition with light stains in both right border corners. Reverse side blank.

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