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Original Italian 55 inch x 78 inch 4-Fogli poster for the 1966 Pietro Germi Drama THE BIRDS, THE BEES & THE ITALIANS (SIGNORE E SIGNORI) starring Virna Lisi, Gastone Moschin, Nora Ricci, Alberto Lionello, Olga Villi, Beba Loncar, Franco Fabrizi, Gigi Ballista, Gia Sandri, Quinto Parmeggiani, Moira Orfei, Aldo Puglisi, Gustavo D’Arpe, Alberto Rabagliati, Patrizia Valturri, Carlo Bagno, Giulio Questi, Virgilio Scapin and Sergio Fincato.

This comedic trilogy explores the sexual underbelly of a small Italian town. In the first segment, womanizer Toni (Lionello) feigns sexual dysfunction in order to sneak an erotic “appointment” with his doctor’s wife. Next, the respectable Osvaldo (Moschin) publicly proclaims his love for his mistress, Milena (Lisi), and is chastised for his actions. In the closing chapter, prominent members of the town learn they’ve all unwittingly slept with the same underage girl.

The poster is in 2 separate panels and is in very good folded condition.

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Original Italian 55 inch x 78 inch 4-Fogli poster