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Original Italian 40 inch x 56 inch Poster for the 1965 Harvey Hart Drama BUS RILEY’S BACK IN TOWN, written by William Inge starring Ann-Margret, Michael Parks, Janet Margolin, Brad Dexter, Jocelyn Brando, Kim Darby, Mimsy Farmer and David Carradine.

Bus Riley returns to his small town after time in the army. On his return, his ex-girlfriend wants to resume their relationship. The only problem is she has married in the mean time. Searching for fulfilment in his life, Bus decides to get a job with his gay friend who is a mortician. When the mortician makes a pass at him, Bus quickly gets out.

Poster art by Deamicis

The poster is in fine folded condition.

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Original Italian 40 inch x 56 inch Poster