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Original British 12 inch x 8 inch Double-Bill Trade Advertisement for the 1958Justus Addiss Crime Drama CRY BABY KILLER, produced by Roger Corman and starring Harry Lauter, Jack Nicholson, Carolyn Mitchell, Brett Halsey and Lynn Cartwright.

Seventeen-year-old Jimmy Wallace panics after he thinks he has committed manslaughter while fighting with a group of teenage hoodlums. Wallace then takes a random man and woman, and the woman’s infant, hostage inside a food shelter outside a popular local restaurant, and threatens them if they try to escape. This leads to a stand-off with a police force led by the sympathetic detective, Lieutenant Porter, who tries to avoid bloodshed. Meanwhile, an eager crowd of onlookers and a news reporter gather outside to see what will happen next.

AND the 1958 Walter Doniger Drama UNWED MOTHER starring Norma Moore, Robert Vaughn, Diana Darrin and Billie Bird.

A young, sweet girl from the country moves to Los Angeles with her mother and meets a young man who she thinks is just perfect. That is until she gets pregnant and he’s on his way to jail..

The Advertisement is in very good condition with a horizontal fold line and a light surface crease.

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