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Original French 47 inch x 63 inch Poster for the 1982 Andrzej Wajda Drama DANTON, based on the play “Sprawa Dantona” by Stanislawa Przybyszewska and starring Gerard Depardieu as Georges-Jacques Danton, Wojciech Pszoniak as Maximilien Robespierre, Patrice Chereau, Angela Winkler, Roger Planchon and Andrzej Seweryn.

Wajda’s powerful, intimate depiction of the ideological clash between the earthy, man-of-the-people Georges Danton and icy Jacobin extremist Maximilien Robespierre, both key figures of the French Revolution. By drawing parallels to Polish “solidarity,” a movement that was being quashed by the government as the film went into production, Wajda drags history into the present. Meticulous and fiery, Danton has been hailed as one of the greatest films ever made about the Terror.

Poster art by Michel Landi (born 1932). Landi, born in Fontainebleau, is a French poster designer and artist. He created nearly 1,500 movie posters and is, with René Ferracci, Boris Grinsson, Clément Hurel and Jean Mascii, one of the most prolific creators of movie posters in France in the second half of the 20th century.

The poster is in very good folded condition.

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Original French 47 inch x 63 inch Poster