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Original British 9 3/4 inch x 7 5/8 inch Portrait of GOOGIE WITHERS in the 1945 Robert Hamer “The Haunted Mirror” segment of the classic Ealing Studios Horror Movie DEAD OF NIGHT.

The film was produced by Michael Balcon

Visiting a country house, architect Walter Craig realises that it and his fellow guests are familiar from a recurring nightmare. As the guests share their own tales of the supernatural, Craig is filled with a growing dread.

For his birthday, Joan (Googie Withers) buys her fiancĂ©, Peter (Ralph Michael), an antique mirror. But one evening Peter sees another room reflected in the mirror. The visions continue and he fears he is going mad. Joan forces Peter to confront the mirror with her, but this time it is even worse: Peter sees only the other room, an ornate bedroom with a log fire and four-poster bed – but no Joan. With Joan’s help, Peter regains control and sees the room as normal. The wedding goes ahead and Peter loses his fear of the mirror. Visiting her mother in Chichester, Joan visits the antique shop where she bought the mirror, and learns its history. It belonged to a wealthy man, crippled in a riding accident, who became insanely jealous of his wife and finally strangled her, before slitting his throat in front of the mirror. Joan returns home to find Peter angry; he accuses her of having an affair. He tries to strangle her. In desperation, Joan smashes the mirror, breaking the spell.

The portrait is in very good condition with minor surface marks.

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Original British 9 3/4 inch x 7 5/8 inch Portrait