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1 Original British 11 inch x 17 inch Trade Advertisement and 5 Original British 11 inch x 8 1/4 inch Trade Advertisements from Cinema TV Today for the 1975 Menahem Golan Thriller DIAMONDS starring Robert Shaw, Richard Roundtree, Barbara Hershey, Shelley Winters, Shaike Ophir, Joseph Shiloach, Gadi Yagil, Yehuda Efroni and Yona Elian.

Charles Hodgson is a British aristocrat who decides to become a thief as a way of getting at his twin brother, Earl, a security expert who has built a supposedly impregnable vault in Tel Aviv, which holds a cache of diamonds. For the caper, Charles enlists Archie, a heist expert, and Sally. He also becomes acquainted with an American woman, Zelda Shapiro, who is in Israel looking for a new husband.

The Advertisements are in very good condition with a soft vertical fold line. 2 of the adverts are double-sided: Shelley Winters/Barbara Seagull and Robert Shaw/ Richard Roundtree. The 11 inch x 17 inch advert is in very good condition with a vertical centre fold and 2 staple holes along it.

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