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Original 1964 British 11 inch x 8 3/8 inch Double-Bill Trade Advertisement from Kinematograph Weekly for the 1963 Reginald Le Borg Horror Movie DIARY OF A MADMAN, based on stories by Guy de Maupassant and starring Vincent Price, Nancy Kovack, Chris Warfield, Elaine Devry, Ian Wolfe, Stephen Roberts, Lewis Martin, Mary Adams and Harvey Stephens.

An evil spirit leaves the body of his human host, a criminal on death-row, and sneaks into the body of his next human host, a French magistrate.

AND the 1961 Carlo Campogalliani Adventure SWORD OF THE CONQUEROR (ROSMUNDA E ALBOINO) starring Jack Palance, Eleonora Rossi Drago, Guy Madison, Carlo D’Angelo, Edy Vessel, Andra Bosic, Ivan Palance and Vittorio Sanipoli.

A cruel Lombard ruler marries the daughter of another king, kills her father, beats her lover but he ultimately faces a major popular revolt against him.

The Advertisement is in very good condition.

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