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Original British 12 inch x 14 inch 16 page illustrated pressbook for the 1947 Derek Twist Adventure END OF THE RIVER, based on the novel “Death of a Common Man” by Desmond Holdridge, produced by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger and starring Sabu, Esmond Knight, Bibi Ferreira, Robert Douglas, Raymond Lovell, Torin Thatcher, James Hayter, Dennis Arundell, Antoinette Cellier, Maurice Denham, Andrea Malindrinos, Alan Wheatley, James Harcourt, Peter Illing, Orlando Martins, Charles Hawtrey, Zena Marshall and Russell Napier.

On trial for murder, Brazilian native Manoel (Sabu) relates to a defense attorney (Maurice Denham) how he came to be accused of the crime. As a boy, Manoel, the sole survivor of a family murdered by the chieftain, is exiled from his tribe. Rescued by a British prospector, Manoel is placed into slavery before arriving in England. Unfamiliar with the country’s customs, Manoel is buffeted between a well-meaning priest, shady union members and friends, ending in a confused dockside melee.

Cover art and interior illustrations by Francis Marshall (1901 – 1980). Francis Marshall studied at Slade College of Fine Art, London before entering the world of advertising illustration. In 1928 he began a 10-year relationship with Condé Nast, drawing for ‘Vogue’ In 1959 he wrote a successful book on drawing entitled ‘Magazine Illustration. He also did the art for Michael Powell’s “A Matter of Life and Death”.

The pressbook is in fine condition.

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Original British 12 inch x 14 inch 16 page illustrated pressbook