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Original 16 1/2 inch x 22 3/4 inch Engraving titled EXECUTION OF SPANISH PATRIOTS IN THE REIGN OF THE EMPEROR CHARLES V.

Man being led to executioner’s block, another stands before block with arms folded, a corpse lies before the block, the executioner holds freshly decapitated head off head aloft, monks accompany the patriots, one points to the sky above.

Engraved by Richard Principal Leitch (active 1844 – 1877). Draughtsman, wood-engraver and painter; worked for the ‘Illustrated London News’, 1847-77; signed his work with an interlocking ‘RPL.’

From the picture ‘The Comuneros of Castile’ by Antonio Gisbert Pèrez (1835 – 1902). A Spanish artist situated on the cusp between the realist and romantic movements in art. He was known for painting pictures of important events in a country’s history in a realistic style, yet clearly with a political aim as well; his variance in styles puts him in the Spanish eclectic school of painters. He generally tried to promote liberal causes in his politics and paintings.

From The Illustrated London News June 6th, 1874

The engraving is in very good condition with one vertical fold and small piece out of the lower right corner.

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