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Original British 27 inch x 40 inch 1-Sheet Poster for the 1956 Muriel Box Thriller EYEWITNESS, written by Janet Green and starring Donald Sinden, Muriel Pavlow, Belinda Lee, Michael Craig, Nigel Stock, Susan Beaumont, David Knight, Avice Landone, Richard Wattis, George Woodbridge, Nicholas Parsons, Leslie Dwyer, Charles Victor, Lionel Jeffries, Martin Bodey, Cyril Chamberlain, Allan Cuthbertson, Thomas Heathcote, Marianne Stone and Godfrey Winn.

When she has a fight, with her husband, Lucy runs out of the house, and into a night of terror. She heads for the local cinema, and in doing so, becomes the only eyewitness to a couple of crooks, who are robbing the cinema’s safe. In her haste to escape the thieves, she is knocked down by a passing bus, and is taken to the local hospital. The two crooks follow, and wait for a chance to finish her off, and thus eliminate the only person who can tie them to the robbery.

The poster is in very good folded condition with a small hole at the top cross fold.


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Original British 27 inch x 40 inch 1-Sheet Poster