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Original British 30 inch x 40 inch Quad Poster for the 1993 Chen Kaige Chinese Drama FAREWELL MY CONCUBINE, based on the novel by Pik Wah Lee and starring Leslie Cheung, Zhang Fengyi, Gong Li, Lu Qi and Ying Da.

Farewell my Concubine, the only Chinese language film to ever win the Cannes Palme d’Or, is one of the central works of the Fifth Generation movement, a movement which finally brought Chinese film directors to world attention.

The film explores the effect of China’s political turmoil during the mid-20th century on the lives of individuals, families and groups. Spanning 53 years, the film is two films at once, a tale of the friendship of two men against the historical backdrop of a country in upheaval. The central characters, Dieyi and Xiaolou, are two apprentices in the Peking Opera, the film examines how their lives are affected by major political changes such as the Japanese invasion of China in the 1930s and the victory of the communists in 1949 – alongside the story of a woman who comes between them.

The poster is in fine unfolded (rolled) condition.

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Original British 30 inch x 40 inch Quad Poster