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Original Belgian 14 inch x22 inch Poster for the 1969 Don Taylor & Italo Zingarelli Spaghetti Western FIVE MAN ARMY (UN ESERCITO DI CINQUE UOMINI), written by Dario Argento and starring Peter Graves, James Daly, Bud Spencer, Nino Castelnuovo and Tetsuro Tamba.

Mexican rebels hire the “Dutchman” (Graves) to rob a train carrying $500,000 in gold on behalf of Victoriano Huerta to finance the Mexican Revolution. The Dutchman enlists four other men to assist him: Mesito, a strong man, Luis, a circus acrobat turned outlaw, Augustus, a former army officer and explosives specialist, and a samurai warrior (only referred to only as Samurai), promising to pay each one a thousand dollars.

Poster art by Raymond Elseviers (“Ray”). Belgian painter from Nederokkerzeel, born in 1914. He designed and illustrated over 200 film posters as well as painting large panels used to adorn the facades of cinemas. Most of his posters are signed with the pseudonym “Ray”.

The poster is in very good condition with 1 vertical fold.

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Original Belgian 14 inch x22 inch Poster