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Original British 11 inch x 17 inch Trade Advertisement for the 1942 Walter Forde World War II Aviation Thriller FLYING FORTRESS, based on the play by Elmer Rice and starring Richard Greene, Carla Lehmann, Betty Stockfield, Donald Stewart, Charles Heslop, Sidney King and Basil Radford.

A young American millionaire employs a private pilot who accidentally kills one of his passengers during a stunt. For allowing it, the pilot is severely reprimanded at the inquest. His sister, a newspaper reporter determines to get even with the millionaire who employed him in the first place, but falls in love with him. All feuds are resolved when the two men first join the Air Ferry Service to pilot Flying Fortresses from Canada to Britain, and then the RAF.

The Advertisement is in good to very good condition with a centre vertical fold with 2 staple holes along it.

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