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12 Original 10 inch by 8 inch Stills for the 1949 Alberto Cavalcanti Thriller FOR THEM THAT TRESPASS, based on the novel by Ernest Raymond and starring Richard Todd, Patricia Plunkett, Stephen Murray, Michael Laurence, Vida Hope, Rosalyn Boulter, James Hayter, Harry Fowler, George Hayes, Michael Brennan, Joan Dowling, Michael Medwin, Irene Handl, John Salew, Mary Merrall, Frederick Leister, Harcourt Williams, George Curzon, Ian Fleming, Edward Lexy, Helen Cherry, Valentine Dyall, Ernest Butcher, Susanne Gibbs, Cameron Hall, David Keir, Charles Lloyd Pack, Andreas Malandrinos, Charles Paton, Kynaston Reeves, Johnnie Schofield, Leonard Sharp and Alan Wheatley.

A young girl is murdered and Christopher Drew, zealous of his reputation, withholds information in case his relationship with her may damage his career. Subsequently an innocent man is committed to 15 years imprisonment.

The stills are in very good condition. 1 still has 2 files holes torn at the left edge.

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12 Original 10 inch by 8 inch Stills