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Original British 40 inch x 81 inch 3-Sheet Poster for the 1941 Anthony Asquith Wartime Drama FREEDOM RADIO, based on the original story “Freedom Radio” by Wolfgang Wilhelm and George Campbell and starring Clive Brook, Diana Wynyard, Raymond Huntley, Derek Farr, Joyce Howard, Howard Marion-Crawford, John Penrose, Morland Graham, Ronald Squire, Reginald Beckwith, Clifford Evans, Bernard Miles, Gibb McLaughlin, Muriel George, Martita Hunt, Hay Petrie, Manning Whiley, Katie Johnson, George Hayes, Everley Gregg, Marie Ault, Abraham Sofaer, Joan Hickson, Pat McGrath and William Hartnell.

An eminent Viennese doctor in Germany becomes increasingly disillusioned with the oppressive brutality of the Nazis. His wife, however, is flattered by the attentions of the Führer, and accepts a political post in Berlin. At first the doctor does nothing as his friends “disappear”, but eventually, with the aid of an engineer, he creates a secret radio station from which he broadcasts condemnations of Hitler and prays for a “better” Germany to arise from the ashes of his ruined country. The birth of “Freedom Radio” sees the creation of an underground group of anti-Nazis who regard Karl as their leader.

Printed by Stafford & Co. Ltd., Netherfield, Nottingham and London No. C.360

The poster is in good to very good folded condition in 2 separate sheets with minor wear. The bottom sheet was printed on the reverse of another, unknown, 3-sheet poster.

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Original British 40 inch x 81 inch 3-Sheet Poster