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Original Belgian 14 inch x 23 inch Poster for the 1942 Maclean Rogers Comedy FRONT LINE KIDS starring Leslie Fuller, Marion Gerth, Anthony Holles, Kay Lewis, Ralph Michael, Gerald Rex, Johnny Singer and John Tacchi.

In World War II London, the police arrest a gang of teenage boys who disturb their neighbourhood with pranks and pilfering. The diminutive leaders, Bert and Ginger, are rescued by adult friend Nobby Clarkson (Leslie Fuller) who offers them jobs as pageboys at the Paramount hotel where he works as head porter. The other street urchins are sent to the country. At the hotel Bert and Ginger discover that the manager (Anthony Holles) and a client (Marion Gerth) plan to doublecross a gang of jewel thieves. Excited the “front line” kids investigate with Nobby’s help, but the suspicious manager fires him. Then, to return to the scene of the future crime, Nobby masquerades as Mrs Ida Down and with Bert and Ginger rounds up the swindlers of both gangs.

The poster is in fine unfolded (rolled) condition.

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Original Belgian 14 inch x 23 inch Poster