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Original French 11 inch x 15 1/4 inch printed portrait titled LE GENERAL ROQUES

Pierre Auguste Roques (1856 – 1920) was a French general and creator of the French air force.

From the painting by Lucien Jonas (1880 – 1947). French painter. In February 1915, he was approved as the “Military Painter attached to the Army Museum”. From mission to mission, he traveled the front, from Belgium to the Vosges, then he was asked to paint portraits of military leaders, such as French (March 15, 1915) and Pershing (August 14, 1917), Foch (the day after his appointment as generalissimo). In total, seven to eight hundred oils, and nearly four thousand drawings reproduced in large numbers in L’Illustration, Annales, Lectures pour tous and in the Allied newspapers.

The page comes from the French magazine L’ILLUSTRATION, October 1915

The page is in fine condition. The actual portrait is tacked onto the page. Reverse side blank.

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