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Original 1930s 10 inch x 8 inch Portrait of GILBERT ROLAND.

Born Luis Antonio Damaso de Alonso on December 11th 1905, in Juarez, Mexico, Gilbert Roland was a durable Latin lover of the silent and sound screen. The son of a Spanish bullfighter, he trained for the ring but chose a career in films after his family moved to the United States. He made his movie debut as an extra at age 13 and began playing dashing leading men in the mid-1920s, notably as Armand in the silent version of “Camille”, opposite Norma Talmadge. He later appeared in numerous films, in both leads and supporting roles. He died in 1994 at the age of 88.

The portrait, on doubleweight paper, is in fine condition. Reverse side blank.

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Original 1930s 10 inch x 8 inch Portrait