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Original Argentine 29 inch x 43 inch Poster for the 1969 Michel Audiard Crime Comedy GOLDEN WIDOW (UNE VEUVE EN OR), based on an original idea by Odette Joyeux and starring Michele Mercier, Claude Rich, Jacques Dufilho, Folco Lulli, Andre Pousee, Jean-Pierre Darras, Roger Carel, Daniel Ceccaldi, Sim and Jacques Dufilho

Delphine (Michele Mercier) receives word she will inherit a sizeable fortune provided she is a widow. Her love for her husband Antoine (Claude Rich) is soon overtaken by her lust for money. A Jewish charitable organization will get the money if the husband lives. He goes to a local gangster for protection while his wife contacts a mob hitman to murder the man.

The poster is in very good folded condition.

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Original Argentine 29 inch x 43 inch Poster