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Original Danish 24 inch x 33 inch Poster for the 1954 George More O’Ferrall Thriller THE GREEN SCARF, based on the novel by Guy des Cars and starring Michael Redgrave, Leo Genn, Ann Todd, Kieron Moore, Richard O’Sullivan, Jane Lamb, Michael Medwin, Jane Griffiths, Ellam Milne, Jane Henderson and George Merritt.

A deaf, dumb and blind man, Jacques Vauthier (Moore), confesses to committing a murder, apparently without motive. He depends on his defense attorney, Delfot (Redgrave), to unravel the mystery behind his actions.

The poster art is by Gaston.

The poster is in very good folded condition with a 1 inch tear at bottom centre and top centre and a small ink censor stamp at the the top.

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Original Danish 24 inch x 33 inch Poster