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Original 10 inch x 7 3/4 inch Still of ESMOND KNIGHT & GLYNIS JOHNS in the 1944 Basil Dearden Ealing Studios Fantasy THE HALFWAY HOUSE

”Fantasy drama. There come to the Halfway House inn a group of people, each of whom has some special personal problem such as grief at the loss of a son, a marriage gone astray, a general embitterment against mankind or the knowledge that he has only a few months to live. But as it happens the inn was bombed and burnt out a year before and the owner and his daughter killed. The guests react to this strange atmosphere, some in one way and some in another. To each tortured soul, however, it ultimately brings peace and healing, and they return to the real world different and stronger people.

This is an interesting and seriously minded film which does not quite come off. Perhaps film is too realistic a medium to make possible such a combination of the material world and the ghost world, especially when the ghosts (Mervyn Johns and Glynis Johns) are photographed without such elaborate camera angles as was the case in Thunder Rock. To this extent, therefore, it misses fire. On the other hand, the acting of everybody concerned – the Johns, Françoise Rosay, Alfred Drayton, Esmond Knight, not to mention Sally Ann Howes – is on a remarkably high level, much of the exterior photography is lovely and the dialogue has force and wit, so that for all its faults it is a memorable film.” MFB 1944

The still, from the original key book, is in very good condition with minor surface marks

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