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Original French 16 inch x 21 inch Poster for the 1983 Wim Wenders Thriller HAMMETT, based on the novel by Joe Gores and starring Frederic Forrest as Dashiell Hammett, Peter Boyle, Marilu Henner, Roy Kinnear, Elisha Cook Jr., Lydia Lei, Sylvia Sidney, Jack Nance, Royal Dano, Richard Bradford, Samuel Fuller. Executive Producer Francis Ford Coppola, with music by John Barry.

Wenders’s homage to the crime thriller and its great exponent Dashiell Hammett has the stamp of producer Coppola all over it. Forrest impersonates Hammett embroiled in solving a mystery that resembles Chandler’s “The Little Sister”, and the late Kinnear gets to do a Sydney Greenstreet. The production is stunning: the designer Tavoularis has brilliantly re-created the 1930s studio look. A delight for the eyes and ears.

Poster art by Guy Peellaert (1934 – 2008). A Belgian artist, painter, illustrator, comic artist and photographer.

The poster is in good condition with one vertical fold. There are a few corner pinholes and one long diagonal crease.

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Original French 16 inch x 21 inch Poster