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Original British 11 inch x 17 inch Trade Advertisement for the 1956 Mark Robson Boxing Drama THE HARDER THEY FALL, based on a novel by Budd Schulberg and starring Humphrey Bogart, Rod Steiger, Jan Sterling, Mike Lane, Max Baer, Harold J. Stone and Nehemiah Persoff.

They didn’t climb any higher than Bogart, but this was his final film, made when he was dying of cancer. He went out in his best world-weary style with this sock-to-the-jaw tale about a broken-down sports reporter who becomes publicity man for a boxer controlled by the mob. This expose of the vicious fight game has some spectacular ring photography.

Trade advertisements are colourful posters aimed at cinema managers, which were either slipped in, or part of, the weekly film trade journals which were available to them by subscription but were not sold to the general public. Most were designed to be pulled out, and some were attached by staples. Most have the date in tiny letters in one of the top corners.

The Advertisement is in very good condition with minor surface marks and 1 centre vertical fold with 4 staple holes along it.

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Original British 11 inch x 17 inch Trade Advertisement