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Original British 27 inch x 40 inch 1-Sheet Poster for the 1958 Clive Donner Adventure HEART OF A CHILD, based on the novel by Phyllis Bottome and starring Jean Anderson, Donald Pleasence, Richard Williams, John Glyn-Jones, Willoughby Goddard, Andrew Keir, John Boxer, Charles Gray and Lee Montague.

During wartime rationing, Karl, a young Austrian boy, is beaten by his father, Spiel, who threatens to sell the boy’s St. Bernard dog to the butcher to pay for food for the family. However, much to the father’s fury, Karl sells the dog himself to a kindly veterinarian. The dog, with the help of Maria, a spinster, then rescues Karl after he is trapped in a snowstorm. Maria ends up marrying the vet, and Karl’s father ends up letting Karl keep the dog.

Poster printed by W.E. Berry, Ltd., Bradford

The poster is in good folded condition with a repaired tear in the lower left corner.

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Original British 27 inch x 40 inch 1-Sheet Poster