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Original British 30 inch x 40 inch Quad Poster for the 1961 Vittorio Cottafavi Sword and Sandal Fantasy HERCULES CONQUERS ATLANTIS (ERCOLE ALLA CONQUISTA DI ATLANTIDE) starring Reg Park, Fay Spain, Ettore Manni, Luciano Marin, Laura Altan, Mario Valdemarin, Mimmo Palmara, Mario Petri, Alessandro Sperli, Gianmaria Volonte, Ivo Garrani and Enrico Maria Salerno.

When strange atmospheric events occur in the disunited city states of Ancient Greece, a forum debates what action to take. As there is no agreement, Androcles King of Thebes seeks the assistance of his friend, the legendary Hercules. Hercules, now married to Deianira with a son named Hylas does not wish to leave the comfort of his family, though Hylas is keen for adventure.

Printed by Sales and Display Services Ltd.

The poster is in very good folded condition with 4 edge tape marks.

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Original British 30 inch x 40 inch Quad Poster