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Original Argentine 29 inch x 43 1/4 inch Poster for the 1946 René Le Hénaff Comedy HOBOES IN PARADISE (LES GUEUX AU PARADIS), based on the play by G.M. Martens and starring Raimu and Fernandel.

Hoboes in Paradise is set during the reign of Louis XV, casting Raimu as an innkeeper and Fernandel as his best friend. Dressed up as saints for a masquerade, the two friends are killed in a carriage accident and whisked off to Hell, where it is decided that they are inappropriately garbed. They then ascend to Heaven, where it is determined that it isn’t yet “their time” so they are returned to life just in time to foil an attempt by the undertaker to seduce Raimu’s “widow.”

The poster art is by Osvaldo Venturi. (1900 – 1989).

Osvaldo Venturi studied at the National Academy of Fine Arts where he graduated in 1923. In the period between 1940 and 1950 he became the most prolific Argentine poster designer particularly at the time when Guaranteed Pictures were churning out a huge number of film revivals.

The poster is in very good folded condition.

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Original Argentine 29 inch x 43 1/4 inch Poster