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Original British 17 inch x 22 inch Trade Advertisement for the 1939 Irving Cummings & Mal St Clair Comedy HOLLYWOOD CAVALCADE starring Alice Faye, Don Ameche, Buster Keaton, Ben Turpin, Chester Conklin, Al Jolson, Mack Sennet and The Keystone Kops.

American film featuring Alice Faye as a young performer making her way in the early days of Hollywood, from slapstick silent pictures through the transition from silent to sound.

The advertisement artwork is by A. “Jock” W. Hinchliffe.
Hinchliffe was born in Perth, Scotland. In 1953 he had a studio in Chalk Farm, North London, where he produced a series of six oil paintings as publicity for 20th Century Fox’s “The Robe”. He had been engaged by Fox in 1926 and produced posters and ads continuously for them, and for Disney, well into the 1960s.

The Advertisement is in good condition with one vertical centre fold. There are pieces out of both top corners

Trade advertisements are colourful posters aimed at cinema managers, which were either slipped in, or part of, the weekly film trade journals which were available to them by subscription but were not sold to the general public. The large size Trade advertisements are about the size of US half sheet posters and have a centre fold which is usually hard to discern when flat. Most were designed to be pulled out, and some were attached by staples. Most have the date in tiny letters in one of the top corners.
The publishers own copies from the 1930’s were destroyed by fire and water damage during the Blitz and Wartime paper drives decimated those held by cinemas making them quite rare.

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Original British 17 inch x 22 inch Trade Advertisement