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Original 10 inch by 8 inch Front-of-House Still (Lobby Card) of NOEL COWARD in the 1942 Noel Coward & David Lean War Movie IN WHICH WE SERVE starring Noël Coward, John Mills, Bernard Miles, Celia Johnson, Kay Walsh, Joyce Carey, Michael Wilding, Philip Friend, James Donald, Geoffrey Hibbert, Richard Attenborough, Frederick Piper, Leslie Dwyer, Johnnie Schofield, Walter Fitzgerald, Daniel Massey, Kathleen Harrison, Penelope Dudley-Ward, George Carney, Wally Patch, Michael Anderson, Norman Pierce, Juliet Mills and Leslie Howard.

HMS Torrin, a Royal Navy destroyer, is dive-bombed during the Battle of Crete and sinks. The surviving crew members, including the Captain (Noel Coward), Chief Petty Officer Walter Hardy (Bernard Miles) and Ordinary Seaman Shorty Blake (John Mills), manage to reach a Carley float. As they await rescue – or death – each of them remembers the events leading up to that moment, and the homes and families they have left behind.

The Still is in very good condition with slight surface marks and a pinhole in each corner.

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Original 10 inch by 8 inch Front-of-House Still (Lobby Card)