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Original 9 3/4 inch x 7 3/4 inch Black and White Portrait of JANE HYLTON as Bessie Hyams in the 1947 Robert Hamer Ealing Studios Drama IT ALWAYS RAINS ON SUNDAY, based on the novel by Arthur La Bern.

Jane Hylton plays Bessie Hyams, sister of Lou Hyams (John Slater) a small time Eat End racketeer and amusement arcade owner.

Stunning Ealing Studios working-class drama, set in the East End of London, in which escaped convict McCallum turns up on the doorstep of his now married mistress and demands to hide out. There’s a finely etched picture of 40s East End life, and the striving for a poetic dimension in the fatalist theme of doomed love in a drab urban setting.

The portrait, from the original key book of stills, is in very good condition with minor warping.

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