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Original U.S. 14 inch x 36 inch Insert Poster for the 1965 Kevin Brownlow & Andrew Mollo Drama IT HAPPENED HERE starring Pauline Murray, Sebastian Shaw, Fiona Leland, Honor Fehrson, Colonel Percy Binns, Frank Bennett, Bill Thomas, Reginald Marsh, Rex Collett, Nicolette Bernard and Nicholas Moore.

Peter Suschitzky, A.S.C. (born 25 July 1941) is a British cinematographer and photographer. Among his first films as Director of Photography was It Happened Here, a mockumentary-style World War II film about life in the United Kingdom, following a hypothetical Axis victory in World War II. The film was shot on handheld, 16mm film in order to give it a gritty, realistic look inspired by wartime newsreels. Due to the film’s independent nature and unusual subject matter, its production lasted a total of eight years.

The poster is in very good folded condition

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Original U.S. 14 inch x 36 inch Insert Poster