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Original U.S. 12 1/4 inch x 9 inch Double-Sided Trade Advertisement for the 1926 Alfred E. Green Romance IT MUST BE LOVE, based on the story “Delicatessen” by Brooke Hanlon and starring Colleen Moore, Jean Hersholt, Malcolm McGregor, Arthur Stone and Bodil Rosing.

Fernie Schmidt (Colleen Moore) lives with her parents in the rear of their delicatessen. The smells of the business – cheeses, sausages, garlic and pickled herrings – repulses Fernie, who dreams of removing herself from the environment and moving into a life with a more rarified. Her father, Pop Schmidt (Jean Hersholt) has plans for his daughter to marry Peter Halitovsky (Arthur Stone), a sausage salesman, but Fernie is repulsed by the idea. At a dance, Fernie meets Jack Dugan (Malcolm McGregor), who tells her that he is in stocks, a paper-counter, and she falls for him. Because of her rejection of her father’s chosen candidate for matrimony, Pop puts Fernie out of the house.

Fernie manages to find works as a counter girl in a department store. Luckily, the job is at the perfume counter. Jack, in due course, proposes to Fernie. Before she can give her answer, she is invited back home by Pop for dinner, at which time he announces he is going to buy a new home, removing himself from the back of the fragrant delicatessen. Peter is there and he proposes to her, but before she can reject him Jack appears on the scene, declaring that he has purchased a delicatessen business. Seeing that marrying jack would return her to the life she wishes to flee, she finds herself resolved to the fate of marrying her father’s choice of husband, Peter.

On the reverse is the 1926 Frank R. Strayer Comedy SWEET ROSIE O’GRADY, based on the story by Harry O. Hoyt and starring Shirley Mason, Cullen Landis, E. Alyn Warren, William Conklin and Lester Bernard.

The Advertisement is in very good condition.

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Original U.S. 12 1/4 inch x 9 inch Double-Sided Trade Advertisement