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Original French 47 inch x 63 inch Poster for the 1949 Guido Brignone Historical Drama LA SEPOLTA VIVA (BURIED ALIVE)(L’ENTERREE VIVANTE), based on the novel by Francesco Mastriani and starring Milly Vitale, Paul Muller, Evi Maltagliati, Tina Lattanzi, Piero Palermini, Carlo Tamberlani, Enzo Fiermonte, Luigi Garrone and Cesare Polacco.

Set in the 19th century, La Sepolta Viva is placed in context with the struggles of Italian patriot Garibaldi to bring unity and equality to his land. The hero is Giorgio (Piero Palermini), a pro-Garibaldi activist. The villain, Federico (Paul Muller), is not only a despot, but an ungrateful son: he murders his stepmother and throws his stepsister into a dungeon (hence the film’s English-language title). The film served as an important stepping-stone to stardom for Milly Vitale, cast as the woebegone prisoner.

Poster art by Anselmo Ballester (1897 – 1974). Anselmo Ballester is widely regarded as one of the greatest film poster artists of all time. During Ballester’s long career he created posters not only for Italian film studios but for international film studios as well. After perfecting his style at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome Ballester founded the agency BCM with two other prominent Italian poster artists, Alfredo Capitani and Luigi Martinati and, over the years, these three men created some of the finest poster art ever produced. Ballester produced over 500 posters, with his great attention to detail, from the late 1910s through to the 1960s.

The poster is in good to very good folded condition with some fold separation and corner pinholes.

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Original French 47 inch x 63 inch Poster