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Original U.S. 12 inch x 18 inch Double Sided Trade Advertisement from The Motion Picture Herald for the 1948 Charles Vidor Drama THE LOVES OF CARMEN, based upon the story of “Carmen” by Prosper Mérimée and starring Rita Hayworth, Glenn Ford, Ron Randell and Victor Jory.

In 19th century Spain, the beautiful and highly temperamental gypsy Carmen (Rita Hayworth) lures naive young soldier Don Jose (Glenn Ford) into a doomed romance. Completely infatuated with the mesmerizing woman, Don Jose deserts the army and is coerced by his lover into killing her husband. His life slides further into oblivion when he falls in with a gang of bandits, continuing his crime spree. Carmen continues to manipulate him, which results in a shocking and tragic conclusion.

The 12×9 Artwork is by Bradshaw Crandell (1896 – 1966). An American artist and illustrator. He was known as the “artist of the stars”. Among those who posed for Crandell were Carole Lombard, Bette Davis, Judy Garland, Veronica Lake and Lana Turner. His first cover illustration was the May 28, 1921 issue for the humour magazine Judge. In later life he went from illustrations to oil-on-canvas paintings which included political figures. He also provided poster work for 20th Century Fox including “Hotel For Women” (1939) and “Something for the Boys” (1944), among others.

The Advertisement is in very good condition.

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Original U.S. 12 inch x 18 inch Double Sided Trade Advertisement