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Original British 9 1/2 inch x 7 1/2 inch Portrait of JEAN KENT in the 1947 Charles Frend Ealing Studios Drama THE LOVES OF JOANNA GODDEN, written by H.E. Bates from the novel by Sheila Kaye Smith.

Produced by Michael Balcon with music by Ralph Vaughan Williams.

Joanna Godden (Googie Withers) inherits Little Baynham Sheep Farm after the death of her father and decides to defy tradition and run the farm herself. However, her resilient dedication to make the farm a success as well as stubbornness to accept help means she risks losing the man she truly loves, Arthur Alce (John McCallum). However Alce has fallen for Joanna’s flighty younger sister Ellen (Jean Kent) whom he marries. The marriage is a failure, Ellen runs off and Joanna and Alce finally come together.

The portrait is in very good condition with minor surface marks.

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