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Original British 30 inch x 40 inch Quad Poster for the 1973 Gérard Oury Comedy THE MAD ADVENTURES OF RABBI JACOB starring Louis de Funès, Suzy Delair, Marcel Dalio, Claude Giraud and Miou-Miou.

The film is widely regarded as one of the great masterpieces of French comedy and has become a cult film. It is also seen as one of the best socially-aware films, as the topic of the film (racism) is actually very serious. It contains funny (but clever) musings about a multicultural society and also delivers a powerful statement in favor of tolerance and understanding. The handshake between Slimane and Salomon towards the end of the movie (despite their differences, the Jew helped the Muslim) is a beautifully understated mark of understanding, full of reason.

Image of 1970 Citroën DS 21 IE.

Poster art by Tom William Chantrell (1916 – 2001). One of two giants of British film poster art from the 1950s to mid-1980s the other being the prolific Eric Pulford. Chantrell was born in Ardwick, Manchester, the last of nine children born to James and Emily. After a brief stint at Manchester Art College he secured a job at a local advertising agency, Rydales. In 1933 he moved to London and eventually began work with Bateman Artists who at some time in the 1930s acquired accounts with Warner Bros and 20th Century Fox. After his wartime spell with the Royal Engineers he returned to Batemans who in 1950 were bought out by one of their major clients Allardyce Palmer Ltd., eventually moving to Screen House in Wardour Street. Most of Chantrell’s work at this time was for Warners and Fox. In 1972 he went freelance working with many other smaller and independent film companies until his retirement in 1985 having produced a vast array of film posters and campaigns.

The poster is in very good folded condition with minor creasing.

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Original British 30 inch x 40 inch Quad Poster