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Original Polish 23 inch x 33 inch Poster for the 1969 Edouard Molinaro French/Italian Comedy MALE HUNT (LA CHASSE A L’HOMME) starring Jean-Paul Belmondo, Jean-Claude Brialy, Francoise Dorleac, Marie Laforet, Claude Rich, Catherine Deneuve, Marie Dubois, Helen Duc, Bernadette Lafont, Francis Blanche, Bernard Blier, Mireille Darc, Micheline Presle and Michel Serrault.

Antoine is about to get married to Gisèle. His friend Julien, a confirmed bachelor, tries desperately to talk him out of it, citing his own painful experiences.

Poster art by Franciszek Starowieyski (1930 – 2009).

Franciszek Starowieyski was a painter, illustrator, printmaker, poster artist, theatre and TV set designer dividing his time between the ateliers of Warsaw and Paris, making some 300 posters and earning the name of one of the finest representatives of the Polish school of posters.

The poster is in very good unfolded (rolled) condition with a very small piece out of the lower right corner and a couple of edge nicks.

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Original Polish 23 inch x 33 inch Poster