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Original U.S. 14 inch x 36 inch Insert Poster for the 1977 Dick Richards Adventure MARCH OR DIE starring Gene Hackman, Terence Hill, Catherine Deneuve, Max von Sydow, Ian Holm, Jack O’Halloran, Marcel Bozzuffi, André Penvern, Paul Sherman, Vernon Dobtcheff and Marne Maitland.

During the 1920s, French Foreign Legion Major William Foster’s (Hackman) unit is protecting an archaeological dig, but the discovery of an Arab sacred burial site prompts the angry Arab tribes to attack Foster’s small garrison. .

Poster art by Tom Jung a Chinese American, born in 1942, and raised and educated in Boston, Massachusetts. He is an advertising art director, graphic designer and illustrator best known for his movie poster art, and a motion picture storyboard artist.

The poster is in very good unfolded (rolled) condition with a minor soft crease towards the top.

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Original U.S. 14 inch x 36 inch Insert Poster