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Original Russian 24 3/4 inch x 38 3/4 inch Poster for the 1958 Victor Iliu Romanian Drama THE MILL OF GOOD LUCK (LA MOARA CU NOROC) starring Constantin Codrescu, Geo Barton, Ioana Bulca, Colea Rautu and Marietta Rares.

A graduate of the business academy, Victor Iliu (1912-1968) co-directed a short film with Jean Georgescu. Georgescu was one of the three veteran directors who participated in the founding of nationalized film, the other two being Mihail and Calinescu. Iliu learned the fundamentals of film-making from Georgescu and learned his job well, becoming one of the prime pedagogues of the Film Institute, and was soon given the title of Honored Artist. With the passage of time, he mastered some degree of film culture, and his ‘Mill of Good Luck’ telling the poverty of Transylvanian peasants in the nineteenth century, is considered by some Romanian film historians to be the first Romanian film to pose questions other than political ones, questions of form.

Poster art by Grebenshikov.

The poster is in very good folded condition with a small hole just to the right of the right cross fold, a short cross fold tear and a few edge nicks.

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Original Russian 24 3/4 inch x 38 3/4 inch Poster