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Original British 40 inch x 81 inch 3-Sheet Poster for the 1963 Basil Dearden Sci-Fi Movie THE MIND BENDERS starring Dirk Bogarde, Mary Ure, John Clements, Michael Bryant, Wendy Craig, Geoffrey Keen, Norman Bird, Terence Alexander, Edward Fox, Harold Goldblatt and Imogen Hassall .

A distinguished physiologist Professor Shapey (Goldblatt) commits suicide and Hall (Clements) a security officer then reveals evidence of treason against him. He has been experimenting with Isolation, the study of what happens to a man when all sensation-touch, taste, sight, smell and hearing – is removed. A colleague, Longman (Bogarde), insists that the experiments were the cause of the suicide and sets out to prove this by repeating them on himself.

The poster is in very good folded condition in 2 separate sheets. The larger bottom sheet has 2 short edge tears. The small top sheet has a worn tear at the left edge of the horizontal fold and minor fold wear


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Original British 40 inch x 81 inch 3-Sheet Poster