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Original British 40 inch x 81 inch 3-Sheet Poster for the 1952 Anthony Kimmins Mystery MR DENNING DRIVES NORTH, based on the novel by Alec Coppel and starring John Mills, Phyllis Calvert, Sam Wanamaker, Herbert Lom, Raymond Huntley, Wilfrid Hyde White, Freda Jackson, Bernard Lee, Russell Waters, Freda Jackson, Trader Faulkner, Sheila Shand Gibbs, Michael Shepley, Ronald Adam, John Stuart, Ambrosine Phillpotts, Raymond Francis and Sam Kydd.

The car in the poster is a Rolls Royce Phantom II Sedanca, c1934

A British aircraft engineer accidentally kills his daughter’s nasty foreign boyfriend and then tries to cover up his deed.

Printed by Stafford & Co. Ltd., Netherfield, Nottingham and London No. 940

The poster is in very good folded condition in 2 separate sheets.

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Original British 40 inch x 81 inch 3-Sheet Poster