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Original Italian 55 inch x 80 inch 4 Fogli Poster for the 1957 Joseph Sargent Crime Comedy THE NAKED TRUTH, original story and screenplay by Michael Pertwee and starring Terry-Thomas, Peter Sellers, Peggy Mount, Shirley Eaton, Dennis Price, Georgina Cookson, Joan Sims, Miles Malleson, Kenneth Griffith, Moultrie Kelsall, Wally Patch, John Stuart, David Lodge, Peter Noble and Ronald Adam.

The Naked Truth is a wickedly funny satire of the tabloid-press industry. Dennis Price plays a scandal-sheet publisher who lives high on the hog by blackmailing his wealthy targets.

Poster art by Enrico De Seta (1908 – 2008). Born in Catania, Sicily, De Seta was a draughtsman and painter. Initially known as a cartoonist and satirical author, in the second part of his career he established himself as a cinematographic illustrator, producing around 1,500 posters

The poster is in good folded condition in two sheets.

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Original Italian 55 inch x 80 inch 4 Fogli Poster