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Original British 27 inch x 40 inch 1-Sheet Poster for the 1960 John Guillermin Drama NEVER LET GO, with a screenplay by Alun Falconer and starring Richard Todd, Peter Sellers, Elizabeth Sellars, Adam Faith, Carol White, Mervyn Johns, Noel Willman, David Lodge, Peter Jones, Nigel Stock and John Le Mesurier.

If Never Let Go had been made a decade earlier, the plot would almost inevitably have had a ‘little man’ battling with the help of some paternalist authority figures. However, when the film entered production in late 1959 it reflected a far colder, less benevolent Britain. As such, it deserves to be compared with The League of Gentlemen (d. Basil Dearden, 1960) for its sense of unease with the prevailing social mood.

A cosmetics salesman suffers the theft of his prized Ford Anglia. His search leads him to a car-stealing ring operated by a vicious criminal.

Printed by W.E. Berry, Ltd., Bradford

The poster is in very good folded condition with a nick in the top edge.

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Original British 27 inch x 40 inch 1-Sheet Poster