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6 Extremely rare Original British 11 inch x 14 inch Lobby Cards for the 1938 Marcel Varnel Comedy OLD BONES OF THE RIVER, based on characters created by Edgar Wallace and starring Will Hay, Graham Moffatt, Moore Marriott, Robert Adams, Jack London, Wyndham Goldie and Jack Livesey.

Professor Tibbetts (Will Hay), who works for the Teaching and Welfare Institute for the Reformation of Pagans (TWIRPS), travels to ‘darkest Africa’ to set up local schools. On his journey he meets M’Bapi, returning to his tribe after studying at Oxford, who uses the unwitting Tibbetts to smuggle alcohol into the country, as part of a villainous plan to gain control of his land. When Commissioner Saunders goes on leave, and his deputy Hamilton falls ill, the bumbling Tibbetts takes over. Tibbetts attempts to collect taxes, but M’Bapi takes advantage of the situation to overthrow his brother, Bosambo, who has been loyal to the British. Tibbetts and his two allies attempt to stop the revolt, rescuing a baby that is set to be sacrificed, before defending their base with the assistance of Bosambo, who kills his brother. The film ends with Tibbetts congratulated by the returning Saunders, before he inadvertently sets off some dynamite that he had earlier laid out.

The cards are in very good condition with corner pinholes.

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