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Original Polish 24 inch x 34 inch Poster for the 1955 Jean Georgescu Romanian Drama OUR DIRECTOR (DIRECTORUL NOSTRU) starring Alexandru Alger, Gheorghe Angheluta, Stroe Alanasiu, Louis Badarau and Sorin Balaban.

Georgescu’s film was the first Romanian “socialist” comedy, attacking bureaucracy, as personified by a dictatorial director.

Poster art by Karol Ferster “Charlie”. Karol Ferster studied law at the Jagiellonian University and painting at the Cracow Academy of Fine Arts under direction of Wojciech Weiss. He completed his studies in 1926 and in 1928 made his debut as a caricaturist in “Kurier Literacko-Naukowy”. After the war he made drawings under the pseudonym “Charlie” in “Przekroj”, “Szpilkach”, “Swiecie”, “Dziennik Polski”, “Zycie Warszawy. ” In 1952 he was awarded the State Prize in Caricature. In addition to his satirical drawing, he also dealt with posters. He had many solo exhibitions in Warsaw (1956, 1960, 1962, 1964, 1968), Prague and Bratislava (1962), Zagreb (1964), Berlin (1966), Cracow (1968).

The poster is in very good condition with a nick in the bottom edge. The horizontal fold line has somewhat darkened. The poster was folded at one time but has been laying flat for a long time and will be sent rolled in a tube.

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Original Polish 24 inch x 34 inch Poster