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Original British 9 1/2 inch x 11 1/2 inch 24 page Magazine PARAMOUNT SERVICE for March 1934. There are adverts for I’M NO ANGEL starring Mae West, TILLIE & GUS starring W.C. Fields, TOO MUCH HARMONY starring Bing Crosby, DUCK SOUP starring the Marx Brothers, WHITE WOMAN starring Carole Lombard, double-page advertisement for THIS DAY AND AGE starring Charles Bickford, adouble page spreads for ONE SUNDAY AFTERNOON starring Gary Cooper, THREE CORNERED MOON starring Claudette Colbert, MIXED DOUBLES starring Jeanne De Casalis, LORD OF THE MANOR starring Betty Stockfeld, JENNIE GERHARDT starring Sylvia Sidney & THE LOVE WAGER starring Pat Patterson plus poster art for JENNIE GERHARDT, LORD OF THE MANOR & THE LOVE WAGER and POP-EYE THE SAILOR.

The magazine is in good condition. The pages are loose with staple rust marks and 3 small holes close to the spine.

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